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This Story Takes Place In The Hot But Busy Manhattan Streets in Early July. Terrance Robinson, age 24 Is a Young Workaholic Who Felt She Needed Some Fun In her life Decides For The FIRST Time In her life To Put Down her Work papers and Pickup a Martini glass to dance the night away, while dancing with a mysterious but gorgeous stranger she falls into a lustful trance which ended up in a one-night stand. She tries to go on with her life after that night but was that Just a "One-Night Stand" or something deeper...?
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Main Female Character: Terrance Robinson

Main Male Character: Chris Brown (DUH! lol)

Terrance's Best Friend #1: Julissa Maxwell

Terrance's Best Friend #2: Nicole Thompson

Terrance's Boss & Father: Nathan Robinson

Terrance's Co-Worker: Karina Lawrence

The Bartender (Julissa's Male Friend): Tremaine Neverson

Chris' Mother: Jocelyn Brown

Chris' Brother: Bradford Brown

Chris' Best Friend: Rashad Matthews

Chris' Sister: Lindsey Brown

Chris' Aunt: Charlene Brown

Chris' Ex-Girlfriend: Catalina Rosas

Terrence's OB/GYN & Doctor: Jennifer Steinburg

Doctor In Virgina/ Catalina's Sister: Jaslene Rosas

Business Woman/Miranda's Twin Sister: Sephora Dupitone

Lindsey's Friend/Sephora's Twin Sister: Miranda Dupitone

Sephora's Daughter:  Regina Cornell

Photo Credit: @ThatGirlCass & @MuSicFienDkiCks & Google

DISCLAIMER: This And Future Stories Are Completely FICTIONAL...(At Least To My Knowledge) I Created These Stories And When You Acknowledge Them PLEASE Give Me The Proper Credit When It's Due. This Is For Fun Guys, Just Read, Enjoy And Comment The Stories.

Tracey LaCroix © 2010, Copyright Freak Nasty In the City

Chapter 1: The Nightclub

It was 5:30pm in July, I was on my way home from another stressful day at work. I've been focusing on my career for so long I can't remember the last time I got laid. So tonight I Decided To go on little "Mini-Mission". My goal was for me to have a one-night stand, just so I can take the stress off me for a couple of days. I Arrived Home I walked into my penthouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I Had the BEST Views in all Of the Apartment You side all of my windows you can see every square inch of Manhattan. The View of the Brooklyn Bridge is Right Outside Of My Bedroom Window. I Plopped Down Onto My Bed and stared at my ceiling fan, till I Got a Call on My Cellphone. It Was Julissa probably BEGGING me to go out to the club with her again. I Slowly Picked Up the Phone and Sighed "Yes Julissa?" "Terry girl, You Better Come off That Attitude and come to the club with me tonight. Pretty Please?" Julissa Begged. "Alright, Alright Ju Ju. I'm Going With You, but no stupid stuff I just want a nice, LEGAL, and safe fun. Alright?" "Yes, ma'am nice, safe & "legal" fun for us. Ha Ha" "Juil, I mean it. No stupid stuff cause I KNOW YOU." I responded. Julissa Sighs "Alright Miss Dull As Fuck we'll doing your way tonight...ugh." "Thank You Pick Me Up At 8 Alright?" "Alright." We both hung up the phone. I got undressed and stepped into the warm shower getting ready to go out. I'm 24 years old I should have fun with my life, it shouldn't be WORK, WORK, WORK 24/7. Besides I'm only going out with Julissa just to get some dick in me, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

So I Went in My Closet and I Looked For That Black Dress that was tight but made my titties look like Double D's and my ass poke out like crazy, I found it along with my black Balenciaga heels. I was ready to go like a little kid on their first trip to Disney world. So It was 7:30 and I was waiting for Julissa to pick me up. I layed back on my bed and watched T.V. Law & Order SVU Happened to be on, I love that show. Then I heard a door knock, It had to be Julissa's ghetto ass cause everybody else and their mama's uses the DOORBELL. I got up and opened the door to see Julissa with Louis Vutton Shades and a Versace dress on. "Well Bitch, I'm here aren't I? So Let's go." She Said Holding my hand and racng down the hallway with me. "Wait Dummy I forgot my purse and cellphone." I Said after she released my hand. "Well go get it, ladies get in free till midnight and I'm not Fittin to pay $58 to be around a bunch of bums for a couple hours anyways. I laughed coming out my apartment, Ju Ju was always the funny one.

So We Got Into the Parking Lot and entered Julissa's Range Rover That I Bought Her Last Year for her birthday. We Pulled Off and drove to the club, "Holla At Me" Came On The Radio & Myself and Julissa were jamming HARD To it. "Terry, I LOVE This Song So Much. Imma Turn it up a bit." Knowing Julissa's ass If She Likes A Song To Whole damn STATE Has To Acknowledge that. The base in her car turned everyone's heads as soon as we approached te corner of the club. Parking was Terrible but thank god there was a valet in front of the door. And our luck became even better when the line was shorter than I thought. "This Is Must Be A Good Night." Julissa Turned To Look At Me "Why Is That?" I Replied "Cause Usually The line for here is hella long especially for ladies night, Ha Ha." she Answered "Oh, Well they must've heard I was coming so they cut the line shorter for me. ha ha ha." I Said Jokingly "ha-ha Ok, yeah right." Ju Ju Laughed. When We entered the club it was Jam-packed with a whole lot of people dancing and really loud music. Julissa Held my hand "Let's go to the bar." the music was blaring so loud I couldn't hear her talking. "What?" I screamed out "I SAID LET'S GO TO THE BAR!!!" "OH, OK." So we walked over to the bar there I saw this handsome bartender with a cute little smile looking at us. "Hey Tremaine." Julissa leaned over to kiss and Hug him.

"Hey Ju Ju Girl, Wassup?" He Hugged her back "Nothing, nothing except this is my best buddy Terrance she FINALLY agreed with me to go out with give her your BEST drink and the usual for me." "Aright, Coming up. Nice To Meet You Terrance I'm Tremaine by the way." "Likewise, Tremaine." I said looking at him up and down. That boy looked TOO good. Our Drinks were done and we took them to the dancefloor. I was having so much fun dancing to everything and anything. I got so into it I didn't realize I lost Julissa in the swarming dance crowd. I turned around I couldn't find her, I yelled for her but The loud Music drowned my voice out. Then I Bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm Sorry." I looked up and he was unbelievably Gorgeous. He was tall with tattoos that covered his whole right arm. He smiled back at me. "No Problem, are you new here? Cause I've Never seen you here before." "New To Manhattan or the club?" I replied "Both" He inquired "Let's find a quieter place to talk." "What?" He Replied "LET'S FIND A QUIETER PLACE TO TALK." I Bellowed "OK." He agreed.

So We walked over to the back of the club where the V.I.P Section was. "Wait, You're not V.I.P are You?" I said Concerned. "Yea, I am I Own half of this club. I Just come here to party and look pretty." Which was not a hard task for him to accomplish, if you asked me. We went to the V.I.P section and we sat down on the chair he even looked better with the lights dimmed in the room. "So...tell me about yourself Ms..." "Oh Sorry, My Name Is Terrence, Terrence Robinson and you are.....?" "Well, My Name Is Christopher Brown but my friends call me Chris Or Breezy." "Well I Much prefer to call you Chris" I Smiled At Him. "Ok, I'm Cool With That." He Smiled Back. "So Where are you from Ms. Robinson?" he Continued. "I'm From Brooklyn, NY Born and Raised there, I graduated from Harvard Business And Technology At 18 years old and I've been working for a major firm that deals in business marketing through the Internet." "Whoa, Smart Girl here Ha Ha. How Old Are You Now?" "I'm 24 years old the youngest Member in my line of work. What About You Mr. Brown?" I Inquired while looking into his big shiny and deep brown eyes they almost hypnotized me. "Well, I'm From Tappahannock, Virgina Born and raised There I've started singing officially at age 15 and now that I'm 26 I really wanna get myself together and possibly start a family but one day not now." He answered

I Snapped back to reality and realized what he just said "Wait, wait, You're THE Chris Brown?" I Got up quickly And turned on the lights in the room I turned around and there he was, My eyes widened instantly see that he was ACTUALLY in front of my eyes. "Are You nervous now?" He Chuckled I Cleared my throat " No, Not At All Sir." I Giggled I went back to the couch and sat back next to him. "So Little Miss Smarty Pants, I guess You're not that smart to figure out that you were talking to me this whole time huh?" He smirked. I giggled back "I Guess Not." He looked amazing I Couldn't help but stare at him especially in his lap, He looks like He SERIOUSLY Packing and I wanted to find out for myself. You Know what they say seeing is believeing bebesides I wondered how intriguing it would be if my First One-Night Stand would be with one of my favorite music artists. "I've been looking for my friend for half an hour, Julissa Do You Know Her?" "Oh Yea, That girl is Par-ty Animal, You're friends with her?" "Yes, Yes I Am." "That's wassup, her and my boy Trey are close friends." "Oh, so we should be friends too huh?" I joked "Maybe Ha Ha." He joked back. We walked towards the club exit together.

Tracey LaCroix © 2010, Copyright Freak Nasty In the City

Chapter 2: The One-Night Stand
(WARNING: This Part Of The Story Becomes Seriously Detailed & Graphic, Reader's Discretion Is Advised)

I made it out of the club with Chris and then I noticed Julissa's Car was NOWHERE to be found. I grew frantic and was about to call her cell when I heard my phone ring, so I picked it up and it was Julissa. "Juil where the hell are you?" I said sternly "Terry, Trey got off early so...I'm "dropping him off", Comprende?" "Julissa, How The Hell are you gonna leave me in the middle of Manhattan with NO transportation at 2 O' Clock in the Fucking morning?" "Look Terry, You're a Big Girl Now I think You can Figure It Out All By Yourself. You Got Chris With You Maybe He Can Give You A Ride Or You Should "ride" him. Ha Ha" I Was Getting Angrier from Julissa's Negligence Just To Have Sex and On top Of That Her and Trey were laughing on the phone after she said that. Being fed-up I Hung up the phone on her. "Her ass is ALWAYS irresponsible as FUCK!!! I knew I Should've driven myself here." I sighed then Chris came closer towards me. "Don't worry, I can drive you home if you want, but I refuse to let you walk in Manhattan alone at this time of night I insist on it. He Grinned "Ok, I Would Like That Thank You Chris." I replied Calmly

I was still frustrated at what Julissa did to me. But Chris' Charming and kind personality Seemed to almost instantly settled my emotions. I much rather look at him and his "features" if you know what I mean. I was sitting in his car Mellowing out and staring at his body and lap. He MUST Be Packing in those pants of his, I was daydreaming about how his Massive dick would feel in my tight, soaking wet, & deep pussy. I got wetter just thinking about it, I had to adjust my seat a little bit. "Are You Okay Terry?" He asked "Yeah" I cleared my throat "Yes I Am." I sat back but I wasn't paying attention cause my dress slid up to the point that my panties were visible. Chris turned his head and saw my lace panties in his Driver's Mirror. He stared at it for about a minute, I only acted like I didn't see what he did.

I fixed my dress after Chris was done looking at how wet I am. He parked his car inside the apartment parking lot, as we entered the elevator, we kept looking at each other. Out Of Nowhere I whispered in his ear "You want me, don't you?" He stared at me and laughed at first but then he took his hand placed it under my chin and drew me to his mouth and we kissed. It first started slow then it very quickly became passionate he touched me all over my body, he lifted me off the floor up against the elevator wall kissing and sucking on my neck. I felt how hard he was getting up against my inner thighs. I touched the outside of his pants. I could feel his erect penis longing to be released. So we got off at my floor while he was Carring me he hiked up my dress even more & palmed my Ass. "Which Apartment are you?" He Softly Asked "The One On the Right, 1707" I said sheepishly I gave him the keys and he opened the door & I pointed to my bedroom. We still kept kissing each other expeditiously.

He Gently laid Me Down On My Bed and stared into my eyes, I stared right back at him. He slowly kissed me On My Mouth, Then My Neck, Then He pulled My bra straps down and started sucking on my right nipple he rubbed the Left one with his thumb and index finger. I let out a tiny cry of pleasure, he then started licking and sucking my delicate skin. He stopped till my right nipple was erect and then he continued with the left one. I started to gasp from how well he knew how to pleasure women. Then I lifted up myself a little and unhooked my bra and let it drop on the floor. Chris continued on kissing me down to my abdomen to where my panties were, He took a hold of them with his teeth and slid them off my body like velvet butter. He threw it on ground, he kissed my inner thighs and I braced for him to continue, but he stopped "Not Yet" He Said and lifted himself off the bed and Took off his pants and boxers. He was DEFINITELY packing, more than I originally intended. He went in His Pocket Pulled Out His Magnum Ecstasy Condom and slid it onto his dick and crawled back onto the bed eager to continue fucking me. As Chris Was Preparing To Enter Me, I Looked Up And Said "Chris I want you to take my legs put em up in the air, then spread em and squeeze my hips when you drill with me."

Chris nodded his head, I felt his rock-hard penis up against my inner thigh he squeezed my hips very tightly and he started to enter me. I cried out loud because he was so damn wide and he kept going deeper and at first he started off slowly then he did it faster as I gripped the sheets even tighter. It Made me arch my back and moan uncontrollably to his trusts. I couldn't think of anything other than how good his dick felt inside of my pussy. He Soon Turned me over and pulled my hair back as if I was losing all self-control, We were facing the mirror in front of my bed and I got turned on even more as he pumped in and out of my petite hole. All you can hear is my gasps and moans and his grunts from him penetrating the SHIT out of me. "Oh Shit, Deeper Chris Go Deeper." He Pushed even more inside of me, I felt my Juices dripping onto the bed and him pushing my ass up even more to the point my head was parallel to the mattress, he took it out and laid on his back.

"I Want You To Ride Me Terr." He Said With A Somewhat Malicious Tone. I lifted my leg up and placed it on the other side of the bed, I Hovered Over Him and Slowly but Gently Placed Myself on top of him. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!!" I Screamed "You're So Damn Big, My God Ahhhhhh!!! He held onto my waist and positioned my body straight. I Started to bounce on top of him with my hands on his chest feeling on his tattoo then as I went faster I moved from his chest to his arms. "Ohhhh Shit, Ohhh Fuck, yes, Yes, YESSSSSS!!!" I was screaming in Sheer Pleasure my back spasmed from the effects of him reacting to me Riding His Dick. He took his hands off my waist and felt on my perky D-Cup Breasts moving Them Up And Down And Tweaking My Nipples. Which Made Me Bounce On Him Even Harder And Faster. We were bouncing so hard and wildly that it felt like Hydraulics were in the the bedroom. The bedroom wasn't good enough to extinguish "hunger" so He Lifted me Up then took me out of the bedroom and placed me up against the wall and continued drilling me, the Echoes from the gorgeous walls that I was pressed up against made me lose all sense of reality and It felt like two "hard" places were on me at the same time. He gave me the DEEPEST feeling that I never felt before.

"Ahhhhhhhh, Faster Breezy Faster. I Want You To Make Me Fucking Cum." I've Never behaved like this before, I Have No What Has Came Over Me But I Know What Has Gotten "Into" Me, If You Catch My Drift. "Oh Shit Girl You're So Damn Tight. You Can't Be A Virgin, Are You?" I Giggled "I'm Not, Not At All." I Said breathlessly. My Back became completely arched when he came inside of me I felt so numb his impeccable sexiness & experience had anesthesia with everytime he came. I couldn't feel a thing other than his soft, gentle, & wet kisses on my soft, gentle body. He Kept Nailing me into the wall as if he's trying to go through it. But I couldn't take anymore from his well endowed body, but he kept going. I screamed very loudly to signal him to stop, but that only fueled him to keep going. Personally, I didn't want him to stop I closed my eyes and bit my lips. He Then took out his dick and Slithered down on my body giving me soft, wet, and long kisses. The lower part of my body quivered at the thought of what he was gonna do to me. He Stuck out his long, wet tongue and started licking my pussy, at first I Pulled away but he grabbed me closer to him. I held onto His Head When He Placed his Whole entire face in my lap while licking my clit up and down and Side to side very rapidly. Making Me Scream Once More At The Top Of My Lungs This Time That Made Him Stop.

"Why Did You Stop?" I Said Breathlessly, He Looked Up At Me. "I Never Made A Girl Scream Anything Like That Before." He Said "Well That's How You Make Me Feel Baby, I Want You To Keep Going." I Smirked. He Went Back To Pleasing Me By Moving His Tongue All Around My Pleasure Center And Then He Buried Himself In between My Thighs Again. I Kept Gasping For Air Every Second, He Skilfully Moved His Tongue As If It Was An Art form. My Nails Was Trying To Clutch Something On The wall Or A Shelf But Nothing Was There To Do So. So I Pushed His Head Back Heaving My Chest Up And Down. "What's Wrong Terry?" He Looked Up With Worry "I Want To Return The Favor Baby." I replied So He Got Off The Floor And I Too One Of My Throw Pillows, Placed It On The Floor And Got On My Knees. Licking My Lips And Looking At How Big He Felt In between My Fingers I Began To Stroke Him In And Out. He was Moaning & Grabbing A Large Amount Of My Hair, Thrusting Forward As I Stoked Him Deeper. I Started To Gag A Little Bit (As Expected) But I refused To Stop, It was As If I Liked Pleasuring Him as Well & Him Pleasuring Me. I Sucked On Him Even faster He Grabbed Onto My Hair Tighter. "Oh Shit, When Did You Learn To Do That?" I Didn't Answer Him I Became Too Attentive to Waxing Him Off To Care About What Let Alone Answer He Said. He Was Building Up & I Felt Him Coming So I Slowed Down And I Stopped, I Looked Up At Him Smiling. He Smiled Back and bit his lip, Damn His Smile ALWAYS Took My Breath Away.

Then I Went Back To Stroking Him & Without Warning (Kind Of) He Came Inside My Mouth. I Swallowed All Of It And I Didn't Care It Was Satisfying As Hell We Both Knew It. I Got Up Then I walked Back Into The Bedroom. I Crawled On My Comfy King-Sized Bed Then I Slowly Laid On My Stomach Waiting For Him To Penetrate Me Again. He Crept Up Slowly Behind Me A Smile Slid Across My Face As He Placed His Hands Around My Waist Bend My Back Lower To the Bed. My Face Was On The Pillow bracing For Him To Pleasure Me Once Again. Very Wet & Anxious I Looked Back At Him & Hissed "Stick It In Me Already" He Grinned With Delight. He The Pushed Himself Slowly & Gently Into Me. I Couldn't Help But Gasping And Yelling Because He Made It Wider Than Anyone Else Who Has Ever Fucked Me. He Started To Pick Up His Speed With Each Thrust, Making Me Bury My face Into The Pillow As He Did Into My Lap Earlier. He Grabbed My Hair In A Swift Motion & I Just Screamed At The Top Of My Lungs Out Of Nowhere. I've Never Done This For Any Man Who Has Ever Slept With Me. Chris Was Something Special, He Was The Best Sex Partner I've Had Ever. "Oh Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk" I Screamed He Knows How Good He Is In Bed Too, He wasn't Surprised By Any Of My Actions At All. Infact I Think He Loves Hearing Girls Screaming Out In His Presence. He Kept Going Faster & Faster I Was Losing My Self-Control Once Again With Him Fucking Me. We Were TOO Into It, Especially Him. My Back Was Arched From Him Pounding My Pussy He Knew I was Enjoying It, Hell He Was Too And We Kept On Going. "Say My Name Baby." I Was Gripping the sheets & Lowering My Head. "Say My FUCKING Name!!!" He Said Pulling My Head Back Hard & I Just Belted Out "CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN" and We Came Together, He Then Let Go Of My Hair I Plopped My Head On The Pillow And He Exited From My Body.

Then He Took His Hand And Rubbed My Slippery & Wet Kitty Cat, It Felt SO GOOD. "You Like That?" He Whispered into My Ear "Oooooooh, Yea Chris I Like That." I Moaned He Then Grabbed My Waist & Turned Me Over I Was Laying On My Back & Staring Into His Beautiful, Big Brown Eyes. He Just Stared Back & Smiled. "You Are Amazing..." I Beamed "Nahh, You Are Amazing Baby." He Leaned Forward And We Kissed Each Other Again Lustfully. We Kept Kissing And Touching Each Other Into A Deep Sea Of Ecstasy. I Turned Him On His Back And We Still Kept Kissing Each Other Intensely. Then We Stopped With Both Of Us Out Of Breath. We Exhaled And I Laid My Head On Top Of His Chest. "Oh Shit, How Long Have We Been Fucking?" I Asked Looking At Him Adoringly. He Looked At His Watch "About 5 And A Half Hours At Least." He Gleamed. He Kissed My Forhead and pulled My Hair Away From My Face, Then We Fell Asleep.

Tracey LaCroix © 2010, Copyright Freak Nasty In The City

Chapter 3: The Morning After

It Was 9am And I Woke Up In My Bed, But I Woke Up Alone. I Looked Around For About A Minute Then I saw A Folded Note On My Nightstand. I Grabbed It And Opened It Up, It Was A Note From Chris.
"Last Night Was Amazing, I've Never Had Sex With Such An Amazing Woman. I'm Sorry I Couldn't Stay I Had To Take a Flight Back To Los Angeles, But Here's My Number (804)-555-9872 Call Me Whenever You Wanna Continue What We Started Gorgeous, Chris"
I Placed The Note To My Chest And Devilishly Grinned. But At The Same Time I Felt As If All He Wanted Was Sex From Me. I Knew The Whole Point Of The One-Night Stand Was Sex And I've Had Many Before Chris But This Time It felt...different. I Shook My Head And Got Up From My Bed & Went To The Bathroom To Take A Shower. After That I Went In The Kitchen To Fix Breakfast My Cellphone Rung And I Picked It Up. "Terry I've Been Calling You For The LONGEST, What Happened To You Last Night?" Julissa interrogated "I Got A Ride From Chris LIKE YOU SAID, Because I'm A Big Girl Right?" I Snapped Back "Oh Okay Ms. Terrence, What Happened With You and Chris Last Night?" I Had A Quick Flash Back Of Chris Eating Me Out So Damn Well, Then I Snapped Back Into Reality. "Oh Nothing, He Drove Me To My Apartment And Dropped Me Off At My Doorstep." I Smirked With A Spoon In My Mouth. "That's All?" Julissa Questioned "That Is All. What About You And Trey Girl?" I Snickered "Me & Trey Had SO Much Fun Last Night." Said Julissa

"Hey, I Hope Y'all Used Protection." I Interjected. "Of Course I Did Mother...Ha Ha." Julissa Said Jokingly "I'm Just Making Sure Cause Trey Looks Like The Type That Mixes More Than Drinks." "Don't Worry Girl, I Got It All Under Control With Him." She Tried To Reassure Me. "So Imma Get Me Some Breakfast & I'll Call You Later Girl Bye." "Bye Bye." I Hung Up. I Grabbed The Orange Juice and Flipped The Eggs Over On The Skillet, I Sat Down On The Island And Began To Eat My Food, Then I Heard A Knock On My Door. I Walked Over To Open It To See No One There But A Package Was On The Floor, Curious I Took It Into My Living Room & Opened It. It Was A Whole Outfit...Matching Lingerie Set, Jeans, Top, Belt, Even Shoes. When I Lifted Up The Lovely Louis Vutton Pumps There Was A Note & Plane Ticket At The Bottom.

"I Dropped This Off For You This Morning Before I Caught My Flight, But I Want You To Come And Fly Out To LA And Spend Time With Me. You Don't Have To Worry About Work I Already Told Them You Were Taking An Early And Much Needed Vacation. So Put On The Outfit I Got You And I Got A Limo Downstairs To Take You To The Airport To Fly On My Jet To LA. I Really Wanna See You Again Soon Terrance.

See You Later Beautiful, Chris

I Was Amazed At How He Did All Of This Just From One Night Of Passion. I Cleaned Up My Plate And Put On The Outfit Chris Got Me, Especially The Matching Red Silk Bra & Panties With A Black Lace Border. I Packed Some Clothes In My Suitcase And Walked Off Downstairs Where A Stretch Limousine Was Waiting For Me Like Chris Said. The Chauffeur Placed My Luggage In The Trunk And Opened The Door For Me. I entered the car where I saw roses and heart of chocolates and the other end of my seat with another note attached. I took it of the heart-shaped box and read it.

"It's Only Right That I Feed You What I Tasted Last Night And Have You Smell The Same Scent I Did Too. Make Sure When You Get Off The Plane To Call Me So I Can Come Get You Baby See you later."

I was shocked at how much of a gentleman he was to me, I never expected all of this from a one-night stand. I arrived at JFK Airport and I looked around "Are You Terrance Robinson?" A woman with Blond hair approached me. "Yes, Yes I Am." "Ok Ma'am right this way." I was following her and she led me onto the tarmac to a jet plane. It was luxurious and beautiful, I entered the aircraft and sat in the plush leather as it got ready to take off. The Stewardess filled my champagne glass with red wine and I sipped on it while checking my e-mails. Then I saw A little remote by my seat, I picked it up and I first thought it was a T.V. remote I pressed a button and then my whole seat started to vibrate, It reminded me of Chris in between my legs I started to close my eyes and bite my lips as I felt on my breasts. Then I abruptly stopped what I was doing at the sound of the stewardess approaching me. "Is there anything else I could get you? We'll be arriving in California Pretty Soon." she smiled "No, that'll be all thank you." I smiled back "Oh by the way miss" I turned around "He's a wonderful man." she finished "Yea, Yea He His" I thought to myself. Before I knew It I Was preparing to land in L.A.X., when I landed in L.A.X. I Called Chris On My Cellphone, He picked Up "Hello." "It's Me Terrence Chris, I'm Here now. I'm gonna wait for you sweetie ok?" "Alright I'm coming." He Hung Up The Phone.

I was standing outside waiting for Chris to arrive. I stood there in these 6 1/2 inch heels awaiting Chris to take me away from the airport. A Super shiny black Lamborghini pulled up in front of me, the windows rolled down and I was greeted with a nice, warm and beautiful smile. "Hey Ter." He Warmly addressed me "Hey Breezy." I reflected my smile towards him. He got out the car and helped my luggage into the trunk of his car, gave me a hug and we entered the car. "So How was You Flight?" Chris Asked "It Was Really Nice." I Grinned "I'm Really Glad To See You Babe." He Smiled Back. "Likewise Honey." I replied We Came To a Stop Light And We Kissed Each Other Passionately. His Tongue Went Deep Inside Of My Mouth Till It Practically Touched The Back Of My Throat. We Stopped And I Licked My Lips, He Just Bit His And Stared At Me Till The Light Turned Green.

We Pulled Up In This Luxurious Hotel In Beverly Hills. "Here We Are." He Said Calmly We Got Out The Car And The Valet Approached us And Chris Gave Him The Keys. Amazed st How Timeless to Hotel Looked Chris held my hand and I Looked At Him. "C'mon Let's Go." I Nodded And We Walked In Together. "Hello & Welcome To The Beverly Hills Hotel, How May I Help You?" We Were Greeted By A Beautiful Woman With Long Black Hair And A Caramel Complexion At The Front Desk. "Yes I'm Just Heading Back To My Room, Just Had To Pick Up This Lovely Woman From The Airport." I Smiled From His Compliment "Okay Sir, Do You Need Anything Else?" "Not Now, But Thank You." "Okay Have A Nice Day." "You Too Ma'am." We Walked Into The Elevator And He Started To Stroke My Hair. "You Wanna Feel REAL Good Right Now?" He Whispered Seductively In My Ear. "Maybe" I Coyly Whispered Back We Arrived To Our Floor & I tried To Exit First But He got a hold of my Jean's Belt Loop And Crashed His Soft, Delicious Lips Onto Mine. I Moaned At How Much Of An Amazing Kisser He Was. I Started To Become Wetter With Each Kiss Chris Kept Giving Me.

We Walked Out Of The Elevator And We Kept Kissing Each Other As We Walked. He Opened The Room And We Got Down To Business. He Placed Me On The Couch And He Kept Kissing Me On My Neck. Then He put His Hand Up My Shirt Feeling On My Right Breast, He kept Grabbing It And That Made Me Even Wetter. He Put Both Hands Under My Shit And Undid My Bra With One Hand And Gripping My Perky Breast With The Other. He Lifted My Shit Over My Head And He Saw My Full Breasts In Front Of Him And His Mouth Started To Water. He Sucked On My Left Nipple At Full Strength Making Me Gasp Loudly, Then He Continued On My Right. I Kept Moaning From How Good It Felt. "Ooh, Breezy You Like My Titties Huh?" He Lifted His Head And Replied "Hell Yea I Do." Them He Resumed Sucking & Licking On My Delicate Flesh. He Bounced My Breasts Up And Down And Licked Them Some More With That Long, Wonderful Tongue Of His. Then His Hand went into My Jeans And He Started To Finger My Wet Pussy. "Oh Yea, You Are Definitely Wet There Baby." I Moaned Even Louder When He Found My G-Spot.

I've never Been Pleasured So Well By ANY Man Other Than Chris, I Was Feeling Some Type Of Way About Him But I Couldn't Focus On It Now Because I Am So Fucking Horny Now. So Chris Had One Hand Finger-Fucking Me And His Other Hand Was Unzipping My Pants, He Saw The Lingerie Panties He bought On Me. He Smiled And Pulled Them Off To The Point They Almost Ripped. He Took His Fingers Out And Sucked My Juices Off Of Them. He Stared At My Wetness Then I Moaned Out Loud "Fuck Me Already Breezy!!!" He Put On A Devilish Smile And Started To Lick Me. I Yelled Out Loud He Was Faster Than Before & I Couldn't Take It, I Rolled Back My Eyes, Arched My Back, And Took A Hold Of The Couch Even That wasn't Enough To Hold It In. He Went Even Faster And I Gasped Then Yelled Again. "Oh My God Breezy Don't Make Me Cum Yet, Just DON'T FUCKING MAKE ME CUM YET, Oh SHIT!!!" He Stopped And Looked Up At My Breathless Body Gasping For Air. "You're Right Pretty Pussy." He Devilishly Grinned Again.

He Got Up, Put The "Do Not Disturb" Sign On The Door, Walked Back and He Then Started To Unzip His Pants. I Bit My Lip Anxiously Waiting To See That Big, Long Anaconda Of His Again. His Pants Dropped Then I Licked My Lips Again "Come Here Sexy." I Pointed At Him. He Walked Over Put My Legs On His Shoulders And Started To Ram Me. Once Again I Was Screaming By How Good It Felt My Pussy Just Adjusting To His Penis Thrusting In And Out Of Me, Pounding My Walls As I Got Wetter By The Second. We Kissed Each Other Passionately On the Couch, We Were Hot And Sweaty And He Rested His Head On My Shoulder And I Kept Clawing At His Back While He Was Drilling Me Like No Tomorrow. "It's My Turn Breezy..." I Said In A Playful Tone. He Started To Smile Really Hard And He Lifted Himself Up And I Gripped His Dick With My Hand And Started To Preform Oral Sex On Him. He Moaned And Groaned While His Dick Was Getting Wet By My Tongue. He Grabbed My Hair And Pushed My Head More Forward As I Stroked Him. "D-D-Damn Terrence, You Know How To Please Daddy Huh?" I Took His Penis Out Of My Mouth, Looked Up And Devilishly Grinned At Him. "Yep, All For You Baby." I Went Back To Sucking Him Off.

He Got A Little Weak In The Knees At How Well I Was Throat Fucking Him. I Stopped And He Picked Me Up & We Went To The Bedroom. He Lay Me Gently Onto The Very Soft And Comfortable Bed. He Positioned His Face Between My Legs And Tongue Fucked Me Again. "Ooooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSS!!!!!" I Shouted To the Heavens. "Eat That Pussy Babyyyyyyyy, Make Me Cum." His Long Tongue Kept Piercing My Walls And He Kept Going Faster And Faster Till I Came In His Mouth. I Growled After I Came "Ohhh Yeahh Breezy, Come Up Here." He Came Up, Licked His Lips And We Tongue Kissed. "That's How Good You Taste To Me Girl." Be Went Back To Tongue Kissing Me Again, Then He Flipped Me To Make Me End Up On Top Of Him. "Ride My Dick Terry." He Demanded With A Sexy Tone, I Bit My Bottom Lip And Nodded. I Took His Rock-Hard Dick And Positioned It Between My Legs And Started To Bounce On Top Of Him. I Picked Up Rhythm Even Quicker Than Last Time.

I Kept Moaning Trying To Keep Myself From Screaming So We Wouldn't Attract Attention, But That was Terribly Hard To Do. "Ahhhhhhh..." I Moaned Soft;y "What The Fuck Is That?" He Questioned "You Wanna Fucking Scream, You...Better...FUCKING....SCREAM..." After Saying That He Pumped Hard Into My Body I Screamed Out Loud To The Point I Thought The Whole Floor Heard Me. "That's It Ter Don't Fight It, Keep It Going Baby." I Kept Screaming While He Was Reacting To Me Riding Him. "Oh Shit, Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkk!!!" I Bellowed Loudly. He Was Enjoying Himself. "Let's Go To The Bathroom." He Suggested. With No Full Conscience Of What the Hell I Was Doing I Agreed And Got Off Chris And He Carried Me To The Bathroom. "Turn Around" He Whispered In My Ear, I Turned Around And He Entered Me From Behind And Bent Me Over The Sink Hitting It From The Back. "Ahhhhhh" I Said While Looking Back At Him. "He Kept Drilling Me And Tapped My Ass While Doing So. He Pulled My Hair Back And He Questioned "Say My Name Ter, C'mon." "Chrisss" "Chris What?" "Chris Brown" "Say All Of It Baby" I Just Kept Moaning. "Say ALL Of It Baby Girl, C'mon Terry SAY IT" He Yelled Thrusted Into Me Harder "CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWWWWWNNNN" I Came Again.

He Grunted For The Last Time Then He Came Right After. His Chin Was Resting On The Back On My Shoulder "You Are Still Amazing Girl." He Said In my Ear While Gently pulling My Hair Away From My Face. "I'm Not The Only One Christopher Maurice Brown." I Jokingly Responded. We Kissed Each Other & He Looked At Me, "Let's Get In The Shower Ter." "I'd Love To." I Smiled While Staring At The Mirror. We Got Into The Shower And Kissed Each Other Again. He Put His Fingers Through My Hair And Palmed My Ass. We Ended Up In A Sea Of Ecstasy That We Were Engulfed In But We Didn't Care It Felt Too Damn Good For Us To Do So. We Came Out Of The Shower And Got Dressed. So What Are We Gonna Do In L.A. other Than Each Other Chris. I Laughed He Laughed Right Back " A Whole Lot Be First I'm Gonna Take You Out To Dinner, Let's Go." "Okay" We Walked out The Hotel Room Together.

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Chapter 4: The Secret

Chris And I Walked Out Of Our Hotel Room With Huge Smiles On Our Faces From Ear To Ear Holding Hands. Then We Heard Chris' Cellphone Ring & Stopped To Check Who It Was. His Face Frowned A Little As He Looked At The Number, "Go Ahead Ter I'll Meet You Downstairs." I Looked At Him Puzzled "Are You Sure Babe?" I Asked Concerned. "Yea, Yea, Yea, Go On Without Me." "Ok Babe." Shrugging My Shoulders I Walked Down The Hallway & Pressed The Button, Before I Enter The Cabin I Took One Last Look At Chris He Looked Upset. As I Entered I Went Down To The Lobby & Waited For Chris, He Then Jumped Out Of The Elevator & Grabbed My Waist. "Are You Ready To Go?" He Sounded Reassured "Yea, Let's Go" I Replied Calmly. We Exited The Hotel & His Car Pulled Up, We Got Into The Vehicle And Drove Off Into Beverley Hills Onto Rodeo Drive.

I Never Thought In A Million Years I Would Be Driving On Rodeo Dr. Especially With One Of My Favorite Celebrities. I Only Knew Him For Two Days But It Felt Like I Knew Him My Whole Life. I Mean I'm So Comfortable Around Him, Like I Can Be Myself & I Can Actually Relax Myself In His Presence. We Drove Up To This Store & We Stopped. "We're Here Baby Girl." He Said I Looked At Him "Why Are We Here Breezy?" I Looked At Him Puzzled. "You'll See." He Got Out The Car To Open My Door His Hand Reached Out For Mine And I Held On To It While Exiting His Car. I Looked Up And All I Saw Was "Christian Dior" In The Front Of The Store. "Wait Chris, This Is..." "Yep It Is." He Interjected. "But Do You Really Wanna Do This?" I Questioned "If I Didn't Want To, I Would've Never Brought You Here." He Held Onto My Hand And We Walked In The Store Together. "Hello Welcome To Christian Dior, How May I Help You This Afternoon?" "Yes, May We See All Of Your Fine Jewelry Please? I'm Buying It For This Gorgeous Woman Here." I Smiled At Chris' Compliment.

"Of Course Sir." The Lady Pulled Up This Shelf Of Precious Diamond Stones That Glistened Like An Ocean At Sunset. "Oh Wow Chris..." I Paused From Being Mesmerized By The Rings & Necklaces. "So...Go Ahead & Pick Whichever You Want." He Rubbed My Back Gently. I Looked Over & I Saw This Luxurious But Big Heart-Shaped Ruby Ring With A Diamond Border Around It. "Oh My Goodness, I'll Pick That One Please." I Smiled At Chris & He Smiled Back. "Wonderful Choice Madam, That's Last One Till next Season." She Took The Ring Off the Jewelry Shelf & I Slid The Ring Slowly On My Finger, "It Fits." I Whispered. "How Much Does It Cost?" Chris Asked The Woman. "That'll Be $15,478.82 Sir." I Quickly Looked At Chris, "Look, Chris You Don't Have To Buy Me This If You Don't Want To. You Only Known Me For A Few Days And..." Chris Shut Me Up By Kissing Me Passionately On The Lips. "You Talk To Damn Much Girl, I Told You I Got You." I Smiled At Him & He Handed The Lady His Black Card. She Swiped It & I Walked Out Of The Store.

When I Didn't See Chris Walking Behind Me I Looked Back. He Got One More Item & Then He Started Walking Towards Me. "Hey Babe, You Ready To Go Eat?" He Kissed Me On My Cheek. "I Thought That's What You Do Chris?" I Jokingly Replied To Him Winking. "Oh, So You Think You're A Comedian Huh?" He Joked Back "Maybe..." I Coyly Replied While Leaning Forward To Kiss Him. We Kissed Each Other & Then He Started Driving Off To The Restaurant. We Approached A Steakhouse Called "STK". I Never Heard Of This Place Before But I Didn't Care I Just Wanted To Spend Time With Chris Who OBVIOUSLY Wanted To Spend Time With Me. We Got Out The Car & He Gave To Valet His Keys, We Entered Inside & It Was Beautiful, Loud Cheesy Music But It Was Still Beautiful. I Loved It Chris Held Me Hand & Felt Warm Inside.

The Hostess Greeted Us "Good Evening, Welcome To STK My Name Is Chelsea & Can You Please State The Time Of Your Reservation, Number Of Seats & What Name It's Under Please?" "8pm Two Seats, Under The Name Brown." "Okay Sir, If You Would Just..." She Stopped In Mid Sentence "Hold On...Wait, You're Chris Brown...Like THE Chris Brown?!?" He Smiled "Yea, That's Me." She Screamed Very Loudly To The Point Everyone In The Restaurant Heard Her. "OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE You!!! I Got All Your CD's, I Went To Your Concerts I Really Love Your Music Oh My Gosh!!!"She Started Squealing Like Crazy O-M-G PLEASE Let Me Take A Picture With You Before My Boss Gets Here....Please Mr. Brown?" "Sure Why Not?" So I stepped To The Side & She Took Out Her Camera Phone & Took A Pic Of Her A Chris Together. Her Boss Was Approaching Her While She became Mesmerized By The Picture Of Her & Chris. "OMFG My Friends Are NOT Gonna Believe This, Thank You Chris I LOVE Youuuuuu!!!" She Belted While Her Boss Took Her Away.

I Giggled A Little Bit But I Held The Rest Of It In. I Looked At Him "Does That Happen Often?" I Joked At Him "Ha Ha Very Funny Ter." Then The Boss Came Out Again "I Apologize For Chelsea's Behaviour, She Normally Doesn't Act Out Like That...Please Right This Way Sir & Madam. We Walked To This Cute Table With Aromatherapy Candles Lit & We Were Handed Our Menus. "Someone Will Be Right With You To Take Your Orders." We Tanked Him & We Read The Menu, My Eyes Strained From The Price Of The Food "Oh My..." I Mumbled Under My Breath "Something Wrong Hun?" Chris Looked Up "No, Not At All Honey." I Replied Then In The Corner Of My Eye I Saw A Woman That Kept Looking In Our Direction, At First I Ignored It But Seconds Later She Kept Looking At Us. I First Thought It Was Paparazzi But They Would Be More Discreet Than That, Then She Got Up & Walked Over To Our Table. She Was Medium-Toned Very Skinny, Pretty, & Tall With Long Flowing Black Wavy Hair She Was Obviously Spanish & She Looked Angry. I Signaled Chris To Turn Around But Chris Being Basic As Usual Didn't Take Notice. She Poked Chris Repetitively With Her Finger, He Turned Around Slowly & He Smile Immediately Dropped Form His Face. "So, This The Studio Huh Chris?" She Said Sternly With & A Spanish Accent "And You The Hell Are You?" She Flipped Her Hair & Faced Me. "I'm-I'm Terrence & I'm J-Just..." "Selencio Skonka!!!" She Shouted. I Instantly Kept My Mouth Shut. "Look, You-You WHORE What The Hell Are You Doing With My Man?" I'm Surprised I Understood Half The Shit This Loud Ass Bitch Spoke.

"Wait, Wait, Wait A Minute. Your Man?" I Looked At Chris Puzzled But Steadily Getting Enraged. "Yes Puta, MY MAN!!! Are You Deaf Or Slow Bitch?" Fed Up With This Loud Ass Broads Incomprehensible Voice I Shouted "Look, I Have No Clue Who The FUCK You Think You Are Bitch But You Better Watch Your Damn Tone When Speaking To Me Okay Bitch." Chris Placed His Head Down On The Table In Embarrassment. "Chris..." I Looked At Him "Is She Your Girlfriend?" Chris Mumbled Under His Breath. "Well Chris Answer Me!!!" I Exclaimed Holing Back Tears. "Not Anymore He Looked Up." "Catalina I Told Your Ass We Were Through, I'm Sick Of You Following Me Everywhere I Go. Constantly Calling Me & Shit I'm Moving On To Something Better." He Said Solemnly "No You're Not Cause I Remember You Meeting Up With Me This Morning After Your Flight In MY Arms Asking Me How I'm Doing, Not Layed Up With Some Slut Who Isn't Even That Cute." She Scoffed "We'll See Who's 'Cute' After I Rearrange That Squarer Than Spongebob Faced Looking Self." I Leaned Over The Table About To Whoop This Females Ass.

"I Like To See You Try, Mamon!!!" "Mamon?!? I Got Your Mamon Little Slut." I Was Reaching To Grab Her Hair Then Chris Stood In The Middle Of Us Arguing. "Stop...Stop...STOP IT!!!" Chris Yelling Made Us Stop. "You Know What Chris, Don't Even Bother..." I Took Off My Ring & Threw It At Chris' Lap "I'm Gone, Don't Worry About Me I'll Book A Flight Back To New York Myself." I Walked Out Of The Resturant In Tears. Chris Got Up & Ran Outside, But I already Got In A Cab & Left Still Crying. I Knew This Shit Was Too Good To Be True, Seriously I Fell For This Guy & I Became His Side Chick. Made Me Feel Special Just So He Can Do The Same For Another. I Bought A Bottle Of Red Wine Entered The Old Vacation Home My Parents Bought Way Back & Drank It Straight From The Bottle Then Stubled In To The Bedroom & Slept The Rest Of The Night Away In My Sorrows.

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The Truth

Chapter 5: The Truth

(This Chapter Will Be From Chris' Point Of View Based Off Chapter 4)

I Ran After Terrence When She Stormed Out Of The Restaurant, But She Already Got In A Cab & Drove Off. Catalina Ran After Me Still Steamed But I Have No Damn Clue Why Because I Told Her We Were Over. "Cabron, Get Back Here I'm Not Done With You Just Yet!" She Screamed "Look Catalina I Told You I Was Done With You, Yea I Slept With You Last Night But We Are Over As a Couple. Do You Hear Me? O-V-E-R & There's Ain't Shit You Can Do About It!!!" "Oh No Puto You Are NOT Leaving Me Like That Especially For Her..." I Turned Around & She Backed Up Into The Wall "Look, All This Extra Shit You're Doing Is NOT Gonna Make Things Better For Us, So I Suggest You Take It As It Is & Move On." I Whispered In Her Face I Walked Away From Her & Had The Valet Pull Up My Car. Catalina Started To Cry But To Be Honest I Didn't Care Anymore Cause All She Wanted Was Attention So She Could Try To Control & I Wasn't Having None Of That Shit...Not Anymore.

The Valet Brought Up My Car, I Got In & Drove Off. I Went Back To My Hotel Room Distraught As Hell, That Shit With Catalina Shouldn't Have Went Down Like That. She Was Just A Fling, She Was Temporary & Terrence Was Supposed To Be One Too But Something About Her...I Couldn't Quite Put My Finger On It. Could I Possibly Be In Love With Terrence? I Shook My Head At The Fact I Looked At The Ring I Bought Her. What Possessed Me To Get It For Her? I Never Bought Anything That Expensive For ANY Woman Other Than My Mother Of Course, Hell I Didn't Even Spend That Much On Jewelry On My Last Girlfriend. Usually When A Female Left Me I Shrugged & Moved On But This Time I'm Wondering Where Did Terrence Go? What Was She Doing? Was She Safe? All I Could Do Was Think About Ter. I Took My Cellphone & Called Up Derrick, If I Needed To Find Anything He Was The Man To Do It. " Yo Derrick." "Aye Breezy, What's Up?" "Nothing Man, I Just Need You To Find Any Residence Under The Name 'Robinson' & See If They Have A Child Named Terrence For Me Please." "Sure Thing Broski, Why Though?" He Asked "There's A Girl Who I Owe A Lot To & Who Means A Lot To Me." "Sure Thing Homie." "Iight Man Thanks." I Hung Up I Wasn't Gonna Leave L.A. Till Terrence Knows How I Really Feel About Her.

I Washed Up Getting Ready To Go To See Terrence & Then My Phone Rang. "Derrick You Got It?" "Yea Man, Her Parents Got A Beach House Over In 4896 Ocean Avenue. Her Beach House Is Amazing Man." "I Bet" I Laughed "Good Looking Out Man." "No Problem I Hope You Get Her Chris." "Yea, Me Too Man." I Hung Up & Left The Hotel. I Got In My Car & Started To Drive To Terrence. While I Was Driving I Kept Thinking About Her & How She Made Me Happy, How I Was So Willing To Give Everything To Her Without Hesitation. I Couldn't Wait To Apologize To Her & Actually Be With Her In A Relationship, But My Past Does Proceed Me. I Have Been With Many Women Before Her But There's something About Terrence That Made Me Want To Leave Of That Behind & Start Something New, Have A Fresh Clean Slate.

I Pulled Up To Terrence's House, I Was So Damn Nervous I Started Shaking. It Was Only Three Steps To Her Door But It Felt Like A Million, I Pressed Her Doorbell. All These Thoughts Rushed Through My Head..."What If She Rejects Me?" "What If I Messed Things Up With Us Completely?" "What If Catalina's Crazy Ass Followed Me Here To Start Shit Again?" "What If She..." Before I Could Think Anymore Terrence Opened The Door. "What The Hell Are You Doing Here? You're Stalking Me Now?" She Tried To Close The Door In My Face, I Grabbed It At The Last Second. "Wait." I Said "Terrence, I'm Sorry For What Happened But What I Said Was True." She Scoffed & Went Inside. "It Is, Me & Catalina Broke 2 weeks before I Met You." She Turned Around & Folded Her Arms. "2 Weeks, 2 Months, Hell Even 2 Years It Doesn't Matter. You Lied To Me Chris, I Loved You & You Lied To Me." She Started Tearing Up, I Motioned Towards Her But She Backed Up.

"I'm Just Tired Of Men Using Me To Get What They Want & Leave...Or They Cheat On Me. What Is It About Me That Makes Men Do Me Wrong?" I Felt So Damn Bad I Didn't Want To Hurt Ter, I Loved Her I Knew She Deserved Better. She Sat Down On the Couch Sobbing. I Walked Over & Sat Down Next To Her. "Look I'm Not Leaving You, I'm Right Here. If I Wanted To Leave I Would've." I Held Her Close To Me "You Mean So Much To Me That's Why I'm Here & No I'm Not Sweet Talking You." She Wiped Her Tears "I Just Came Here To Apologize & To Tell You I'm Really Falling In Love With You." I Swallowed Hard After I Said That. She Looked At Me At First She Laughed Then She Saw My Facial Expression Didn't Change She stopped "Oh My God You're Serious Aren't You?" "Yes, Yes I Am." I Stared At Her, She Stared Back At Me & We Began To Kiss Each Other Slowly But Passionately. I Held On To Her Waist & She Put Her Arms Around My Neck.

I Lifted Her Off The Couch, Gripping Her Booty & Her Wrapping Her Legs Around My Waist. I Opened The Bedroom Door & Gently Layed Her Down On the Bed With Me On Top Of Her. I Pulled Down Her Spaghetti Strap Top Showing Me Her Breasts, I Looked At Them Then I Looked Back Up At Her. I Kissed Her Again Then I Started To Lick Her Nippled Them Sucked On Them Slowly She Moaned. I Kissed Them & She Sat Up A Little Bit & I Took Off Her Top & Dropped It On The Floor. I Started Kissing On Her Neck & She Was Motioning To Take Off My Shirt, I Got Off Her & She Took Off My Shirt & Licked My Neck. I Got Turned On Even More.

I Continued Kissing On Her Neck Then I Kissed Her Lower To Her Abdomen, I Got Ahold Of Her Panties & I Peeled Them Off Of Her. I Started To Kiss Her In Between Her Legs She Moaned & Gasped When I Started Licking Her. I Wanted Her To Feel How Sorry I Am, I Never Slept With Any Woman This Slowly Before It's Like I Wanted Myself & Her To Feel Everything. I Didn't Want To Waste A Second Being Next To Ter. I Soon Got Up & Started To Unbutton My Pants, She Stared At Me As If She Wasn't Convinced I Was Sorry But She Loved Me Enough To Let Me Try To Make It Up To Her. "I'm Never Gonna Let You Down Again Terrence, I Promise You." I Got Back On The Bed & I Placed Her Legs In The Air & Entered Her Slowly.
She Started To Moan As I Went Deeper, Lord Knows How Much I Loved Her. "Mmmm" She Moaned Softly. She Knows How Much I loved To Hear Her Say My Name In Pleasure. "Ooh Chris" she Moaned "Is it Good To Ya?" I Asked Calmly "Mmm Hmm" She Nodded She Loved It. We Slowly Kissed Each Other & We Just Stared At Each Other As I Stroked Her Hair & Pumped Slowly In & Out Of Her. She Gripped The Sheets & Arched Her Back To Me. I Grabbed Her Waist & Kept Going "Ahhhhhhh." She Yelled Then I Lowered Myself To The Point I Came In Contact With Her Ear. "I Love You Terrence, I Love You So Much." I Whispered Then I Kissed Her Neck & Kept Going Deeper Inside Of Her. "I Love You Too Chris." She Whispered Back.

We Kept Going Till I Flipped Her Over, "Keep Going Baby." I Said Softly To Her. She Started Bouncing Up & Down On Top Of Me, I Held Onto Her Waist & She Started Going Faster. "Mmmm Yea, Baby Keep Going Girl." I Love How Terrence Looked At Me When She Rode Me. She Kept Throwing Her Back Out When I Pumped Back. She Started Biting Her Lips & Going Even Faster. I Couldn't Take It Anymore & I Held Her Waist Tightly To Make Her Stop Then I Came Inside Of Her. I Moved My Hands Up To Her Back, Pulled Her Closer To Me & We Kissed Passionately, Her Delicate Tongue Touched Mine & We Were Kissing I An Endless Sea Of Ecstasy. "I'm Gonna Get Off & You're Gonna Got Sit In That Chair." She Pointed To A Chair In The Bedroom With A Devilish Grin On Her Face. "Okay Babe." I Moved A Strand Of Hair From Her Face, Kissed Her & Smiled Back. She Got Off Me & I Got Off The Bed & Walked Over To The Chair. She Walked Over Towards Me & She Got On Her Knees & Began Giving Me Head. She Stroked Me In & Out I Was Amazed At How Good She Was. She Looked Up At Me & Just Stared For A Little Bit Then Kept Going.

I Bit My Lip & Ran my Fingers Through Her Hair "T-T-Terry..." I Struggled To Say. "Yea Baby..." She Looked Up. "I Can't Do This To You..." I Got Up & Put On My Pants "Do What? I Thought This Is What You Wanted, Right?" She Got Up. "Yea-No-No, Not Like This Ter. I Gotta Go." I Put On My Shirt & Walked Out. "Wait Chris Wait." Ter Grabbed My Shoulder. "Isn't This How Our Whole 'Relationship Started?" She Asked "Isn't Us Sleeping Together How We Known Each Other? Tell Me I'm Wrong Here." I Looked At Her. "You're Right That's How We Known Each Other But Being Around You Is How I Fell in Love With You." She Stared At Me Puzzled. "I Love Your Laugh, How You Wern't Willing To Let Yourself Be Dependent On Me, How You Appreciated My Company Other Than My Money Like Most Women Do. I Love Every Thing About You, You Are Beyond Any Woman I've Ever Met Or Dated. I Just Thought I Wasn't Good Enough For You, I Really Hope I Am Terrence."

Tears Begin To Swell In Terrence's Eyes, Do You REALLY Mean That Chris? Cause I Really Want To Believe You...I Find It Hard To Trust ANY Man especially Celebrities You Use Their Fame To Get What They Want & Just Leave After They Got It. I Held Onto Her Shoulders & Looked Her In the Eyes "Terrence If I Was ANY of those Guys Would You Think I Would Buy All Those Things For You Fly You Out Here & Spend Actual Time With You & Chase After You To Get You Back In My Life? I Did That To A Lot Of Females In The Past Granted, But You're Different, You Mean A Lot To Me & I Refuse To Let You Go, I Want To Really Be With You. Please Forgive Me Baby. She Them Leaned Forward & We Kissed Passionately Every Word I Said To Her Was True I Loved Her & I Wouldn't Let Her Go...At Least Not Without A Fight.

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The Dilemma

Chapter 6: The Dilemma

It's Been Almost Been 6 Weeks Since Me And Chris Has Been Together & So Far Everything Has Gone Well, We've Dated & The Sex Is Amazing (Of Course). I Went Back To Work While He Traveled To London, Ireland, Russia, Africa, Brazil, China, Australia, & Japan While He Was On Tour. I Know The Fans Are Out In The Crowd Screaming His Name & All The Girls Who Couldn't Control Themselves In Chris' Presence I Kept Daydreaming About What He's Doing, What Song Is He Singing, & Things Like That. Chris Was Just Regular Old Chris To Me But In The Eyes Of Some Of These Young Girls (& A Few Guys) Chris Is Like A God To Them. Some Females Were Just Thirsty Groupies But We Both Expected That But I Trust Him To Do The Right Thing... I Was At Work During A Staff Meeting Then All Of A Sudden I Felt Like I Was Gonna Throw Up I Quickly Grabbed My Mouth & Bolted Out Of The Room During The Presentation. My Co-Worker Karina Saw Me In Throwing Up In The Toilet & Walked Over To Pull My Hair Back. "Are You Okay Terrence?" She Asked "Yea I'm O-" I Threw Up Again In The Toilet This Time I Thought I Was Gonna Throw Up My Whole Stomach Or Something.

"Terrence You Don't Sound Or Look Too Good At All." Karina Got Up Grabbed A Whole Bunch Of Paper Towels & Wiped My Face Off. "I Heard About You & Your Little Singer Terry." I Rolled My Eyes, Everybody Gets In Everybody's Business At Work Ugh. She Tilted My Head Towards Her. "Listen To Me, Because I'm Gonna Keep It Real With You... If You Are Pregnant I Doubt He's Going To Stay With You." My Face Looked Insulted At Her Statement. "Terry I Know You Think He's Gonna Be With You Forever But He's Not... He's Too Into Having His Way With Many Other Women To Settle Down, In Fact Most Men Like That Don't. I Wouldn't Be Surprised If To Him You Were Just Another Notch On His Belt Or A Number In His Little Black Book, He Saw An Independent, Strong Woman Who He Perceived To Be Young & Naive & Used That Fact To His Advantage. Terry Don't Get Mad At Me I'm Just Calling It Like I See It, He's A Player Ter Just Leave Before It Gets Too Deep." Karina Got Up & Walked Out Of The Bathroom.

When I Left The Bathroom My Boss Came Towards Me, He Looked Concerned... Well That's What Dads Do Right? I Turned Around & Walked Towards Him. "Terrence, What Happened Back There?" He Said "I Just Got Sick From A Bad Breakfast Sir, Nothing Substantial." I Couldn't Tell Him That Was Dating Chris, He's So Damn Overprotective That My Prom Date Almost Go Shot When Trying To Pin the Broach On My Dress. So Him Finding Out That I'm Dating Chris & That We're Sleeping Together Was DEFINITELY A No-No. "Are You Sure Sweetheart?" He Looked In My Eyes. "Yea Dad, I'm Sure... Could I Take An Early Lunch Sir?" "Yes sweetheart Go Ahead." He Smiled, I Smiled Back "Thanks Daddy, I Mean Sir." He Laughed & Walked Back To His Office. I Quickly Ran To The Pharmacy & Bought 5 Of The Most Expensive Pregnancy Tests I Could Find. I Ran Back To My Apartment & Took The Tests. I Waited For 10 Minutes To See My Results & I Saw Pregnant... I Ripped The Other Test Out & Took It Again I Saw The Plus Sign & Panicked I Ripped Out The Test & It Said The Same Thing.

I Took Out The 4th & 5th Test It Said The EXACT Same Thing... I Freaked Out & I Called My Doctor To Take A Blood Test To See If I'm Really Pregnant, I Set Up The Appointment With My Doctor To See Whether I'm Really Pregnant Or Not. The Next Day I Went To My Doctor Jennifer Steinburg. "So Terrence, What Seems To Be The Problem?" "Well I Have Been Sick Lately So I Want A Blood Test To See What's Wrong." "Okay Then, I'll Draw Some Blood & You'll Comeback In A Week To See Your Results." "Okay Dr. Steinburg Thank You." "No Problem Terrence." She Took Out A Needle & Drew Some Blood From My Arm, Then I Got Up & Left. During The Whole Trip From The Doctor's To Home I Couldn't Help But Think About Chris & Me. i Knew We Had Unprotected Sex A Couple Of Times But I Thought I Was Still On The Pill Then At A Red Light I Looked In My Purse & Saw That My Pills Were Barely Used. We Both Fucked Up & I Was Scared For Chris' Reaction... Will He Be Upset? Will He Leave Me? Will He Be Happy? Will He Deny Fathering My Child?

My Mind Couldn't Process Shit & I Had To Tell Him, He Had A Right To Know As The Father Of My Unborn Child. When I Got In My Penthouse I Sat On My Bed Staring At My Cellphone Debated Whether Or Not To Call Chris & Tell Him, Hell I Don't Even Know How I'll Tell Him I Just Sat There Then I Started Crying Because I Felt Karina Was Right, This Is Too Good To Be True. He Gets Prettier Girls Than Me On The Daily He's Probably Fucking With Them Right Now. I Know Better To Believe Any Man Saying They'll 'Never Hurt You' Because I End Up Hurt Everytime. My Career Was My Main Focus Now That I'm Pregnant I Can't Do That & Know NOTHING About Being A Housewife, Besides I'm Too Young For All Of This I Couldn't Take It Then I Felt Sick Again & Ran To The Bathroom To Throw Up. I Cleaned Myself Up Then I Called My Girl Nicole, She Was Always The One To Keep Me Level-Headed. "Hello?" "Hey Nicole, It's Me Terrence." "Oh Hey Girl, How Are You?" "I'm-I'm Fine How About You?"

"You Don't Sound Too Good Mama's, What's Wrong?" She Sounded Concerned I Sighed "I'm Pregnant..." She Became Shocked "What? Wait A Minute By Who Terry?" "Chris Brown..." She Paused On The Phone Then Responded "Wait, Chris Brown The Singer, Chris Brown?" "Yea...Him." "How The Hell Did You Pull That Off?" "I Just Wanted A One-Night Stand & Then One Thing Lead To Another Then We Hooked Up More Than Once I Forgot My Pills & He Forgot To Use Condoms & I Ended Up Pregnant, I Don't Know What To Do." "Well You Need To Tell Him That You're Carrying His Child, He Deserves To Know & If Anything Else Happens Call Me Okay, I Hear For You Love Bye-Bye." She Hung Up. I Was Sitting On My Bed With The Phone In My Hand Getting Ready To Call Chris & I Was Starting To Dial His Number Then I Heard A Heavy Knock On The Door & Got Up. "Who Is It?" "It's Me Chris, I Came To See You Baby." My Jaw Dropped In Horror.

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The Decision

Chapter 7: The Decision

I Slowly Got Up From My Bed & Walked Slowly To The Door & I Opened It. Chris Had That Big Goofy But Beautiful Smile On His Face & Huge Bouquet Of Flowers In His Hand, I Just Stood There Smiling A Little Bit & Allowed Him In My Apartment. "Hey Babe." I Kissed Him On His Lips & I Took The Flowers Out Of His Hand & Put Them In A Vase. He Looked At Me Puzzled "What's Wrong Honey?" I Took A Heavy Sigh "Umm, We Gotta Talk Chris." He Looked Concerned. "What Is It The Flowers Because I Can Always Go & Get You Better Ones, I Could Just..." I Stopped Him In Mid-Sentence "No, No, Its Not That Baby Just Sit Down I Gotta Talk To You About Something, Something Important." "Oh. Okay." There Was Still A Sense Of Worry In His Voice But Smiled In An Attempt To Reassure Me But I Saw Right Through That. "Chris, Don't Be Too Alarmed But I'm Pregnant..." His Smile Dropped A Little From His Face. "Wow..." He Looked Down Without Saying Anything Further. "Wow? Is That All You Can Say Chris...Wow?" I Looked At Him Puzzled.

"Well Damn Terrence What Do You Want Me To Say? I'm Happy? Well I Don't Know What The Hell We're Gonna Do, I Don't Wanna Have Kids This Early In Our Relationship. We've Only Been Dating For 6 Weeks, What The Hell Ter?" I Grew Angry At His Words "Listen Alright, I Didn't Get On Top Of Myself & Had Unprotected Sex By Myself Okay. We Made That Decision, You Stopped Wearing Condoms & I Stopped Using My Pills. We Made That Decision TO-GETH-ER." He Stared At Me Hard. "And Besides Weren't You The One You Said You Wanted To Start A Family?" I Questioned "Yea I Did, But Not Like This..." I Was Confused "Like What?" I Questioned With My Arms Crossed " Didn't You Claim To 'Love' Me? Maybe That Message Wasn't Properly Conveyed To Me." "You Know What I'm Not Gonna Argue With You, I'm Out." He Tried To Walk Out The Door But I Ran Past Him Quickly & Blocked Him From Leaving.

"You Will NOT Leave Here Until You Talk With Me About Us & This Baby Cause It's Not About How You Feel Anymore, It's About All Three Of Us. I'm Pregnant With Your Child & We Need To See How This Is Gonna Affect Us As A Whole." "If It Is My Baby..." Chris Said Under His Breath But I Heard Him. "What Did You Say?" I Looked At Him. "Did You Just Questioned Fathering Our Child?" I Quickly Became Enraged "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?" "So Now I'm Trying To Trap You? Is That It?" He Felt Guilty For Saying What He Said "I Didn't Mean It That Way It's Just, That This Is All Weird To Me. We Haven't Even Been Together For 2 Months & You're Pregnant I Don't Know How To Feel Right Now." I Scoffed Then He Moved Forward & Looked Me In My Eyes. "Look Why Don't I Throw A Party For You & We'll Celebrate Okay? I'm Not Sure What To Think Right Now Is All, I'm Sorry Baby Okay." He Kissed Me On My Forehead. I HATE Whenever He Does That Shit Always Calms Me Down.

"Okay Babe, I'm Sorry Too." We Kissed Each Other & He Looked At Me Again. "We Should Think About Moving In Together." I Froze Like Ice "My Father Doesn't Know We're Together..." "Then We'll Meet Him & Tell Him The News, What About Your Mother?" "Umm, She Died 5 Years Ago..." "I'm Sorry About That Terry." He Frowned A Little "It's Okay, I'm Sure She Would've Loved Ya." We Kissed Each Other Again & He Started To Leave The Apartment. "I'll Take You Out Tonight Baby, You Deserve It." He Smiled, I Couldn't Help But Smile Back At Him. "Okay, I'll Hold You Up To That." I Walked To The Door & Closed It Then Went To Sleep. Nightfall Came And I Woke Up To My Cell Ringing & It Was Chris, I Picked It Up And Answered It. "Hello?" "Hey Baby, Are You Feeling Okay?" "I'm Fine Honey Just A Little Tired But I'm Okay. How About You Babe?" "I'm Just Waiting On You..." He Laughed A Little. "Oh Shit, I Forgot we Were Supposed To Go Out Tonight. Just come Up I'll Be Ready In 10 Minutes." "Okay Ter Imma Be There." I Hung Up The Phone & Ran Into My Closet & I Got Out This Beautiful Cream Dress Chris Bought Me For Our Month Anniversary.

I Put It On & Noticed It Got Tighter In the Hips & Waist Area, Looks Like I Gotta Get Used To Wearing Bigger Clothes Till The Baby Is Born. Chris Was Knocking On The Door & I Opened It, He Looked Up & Down My Body. "You Look So Amazing Baby He Kissed Me." "Thank You Honey, Looks Like I Gotta Start Buying Maternity Clothes. We Laughed & We Got Into Chris' Car & Headed To The Restaurant, I Secretly Started To Worry About Me & Chris' Future. We Had NEVER Argued Like That Before & It Scared Me. Did He Really Mean What He Said? I Hope Not, I Shook Off The Thought & We Entered The Restaurant & We Calmly Sat Down Waiting For Our Waiter. "I Just Want To Know That I'm Here For You & The Baby Ter, Its Just Gonna Take Me A While To Adjust To Becoming A Father... I Still Love You Baby." He Said While Touching My Hand. I Smiled At Him & He Mirrored Back At Me.

The Waiter Approached Us, "What Will You Guys Have For Tonight?" He Smiled "I Will Have The Chicken & What Will You Have Baby?" I Looked At The Menu & Didn't Know What I Want So I Just Did The Most Basic Thing I Could Ever Say... "I'll Just Have What He's Having For Now." He Giggled At Me "You Didn't Know What The Hell You Was Gonna Order Didn't You?" I Giggled Back "No I Did Not, Ha Ha." "Are You Sure You're Really Happy For The Baby Chris? Cause If You Don't Want I'll-" He Cuts Me Off. "Terrence I'm Really Happy, You Don't Need To Worry Girl Gosh." He Leaned Towards Me & I Smiled. Then I Looked At Him But I Couldn't Shake Off This Feeling In The Back Of My Head Of My Head Of What He Told Me Back At The Apartment.

"I'm Gonna Go To The Bathroom Chris, I'll Be Right Back." He Nodded Then Rubbed My Back. I Got Up To Go To The Bathroom. I Was Coming Out Of The Bathroom I Heard A Familiar But Annoying Ass In oherent Voice. "Hola Puta!!!" I Turned Around & It Was Catalina's Crazy Ass Again Starting Shit. "I See You've Been Whoring Around With Chris Now Huh?" I Rolled My Eyes At Her. "Look, Catalina Chris Broke Up With You & Now He's With Me. So Get Over Yourself & Move On With Your Life He Doesn't Want You..." I Scoffed, I Started To Walk Away Then Catalina Grabbed My Shoulder & Slapped Me Across The Face. I Quickly Got Up & Slapped Her In Her Face. Then I Walked Over & Started Punching Her In The Face Then She Grabbed My Hair Trying To Force Me On The Floor.

Then A Bartender Saw Us Fighting & He Called Security, I Got A Hold Of Catalina's Hair & We Kept Swinging Each Other Back & Forth Viciously Like We Wanted To Rip Each Other's Hair Out Of Our Skulls. Catalina Tried To Kick Me In The Stomach & That Enraged Me Even More. I Took Her Head & Slammed It On The Marble Bar Table With a Chunk Of Her Hair In My Hand. I Dropped The Hair Peice & Got Up To Leave But Then She Tackled Me To The Ground Hard, I Turned Around & Kicked Her In The Chest & Chris Must've Saw Me Cause He Was Running With Security To Get Us Off Each Other. Security Took Catalina Who Was Bloody From The Fight. I Just Had A Couple Of Scratches & That Bitch Got Her Fucking Blood On Me. Then Chris Grabbed Me & Took Me Out Of The Restaurant & We Drove Off Into The Night.

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The Situation

Chapter8: The Situation

Me & Chris Were Driving Away From The Restaurant & I Could Easily Tell That He Was Pissed Off... I Just Sat There In Silence Wishing I Was Home. Then My Train Of Thought Was Interrupted By Chris. "We Have To Go To The Hospital." He Said Sternly. "I'm Pretty Sure I'm Fine I Just Need To-" "Not For You, For the Baby..." He Interjected I Became Silent Again, Then We Approached A Red Light. "What The Hell Is A Matter With You?" He Questioned I Didn't Answer Him & Put My Head Down, He Took A Deeper Breath & He Questioned Me Again. "Terrence, What Happened Back There? Are You Going To Speak To Me, Because I Know Your Ass Ain't Mad At Me For What You Did..." I Looked At Him "That Crazy Bitch Catalina Followed Us Here And I'm Pretty Damn Sure It Wasn't A Coincidence." Chris Continued To Drive But Didn't Respond To Me.

"Chris, Chris, CHRIS!!!" "So What, Are You Cheating On Me With Her Is That It? Huh? You Just Been Fucking Around On Me & Think It's Okay, Well Dammit It's NOT OKAY!!!" He Still Didn't Respond To Me. I Scoffed "You're Not Even Paying Attention To Me, How Do Expect Us To Be Together If You Don't Hear What I'm Saying?" Chris Was Still Oblivious To What I Was Saying "Nigga Don't You Hear Me Talking To? What The Fuck..." He Stopped The Car On The Curb & Looked Directly In My Face. "LOOK, I'm Going To Take You To The Hospital To See If Our Child Is Okay & All You Can Do Is Start Fights & Talk Nonsense?! I Thought You Were Better Than That Terrence!!! I Know Everything Is Gonna Change Once The Baby Is Born, I Don't Know About You But I'm Trying To Make This Change For The Better Now I'm Taking You To The Hospital I Don't Wanna Hear NONE Of Your Bullshit Till We Get The GOT IT!!!" I Just Sat back In My Seat Then We Drove Off & We Didn't Talk At Till We Got To The Hospital.

We Got To The Hospital & I Got Out The Car & We Walked In, Forgot I Still Had Some Of Catalina's Blood On Me As We Sat Down. I Filled Out The Sign-In Sheet & We Got Dirty Looks. We Just Ignored Them & A Nurse Came Out To The Waiting Room & She Spoke "Terrence Robinson... Chris Brown..." We Got Up And Chris Kept Me Close To Him. The Doctor Came To Us & Looked At My Blood-Painted Outfit Then He Looked At Chris. "So What Seems To Be The Problem Here?" Chris Started To Talk "We Were At A Restaurant & My Ex-Girlfriend Comes Out Of Nowhere & Tries To Fight Her & She's Pregnant... I Just Want To Know If The Baby's Safe That's All." "Alright, I'll Be Right Back." He Left The Room. I Felt Upset At Him Because I'm Close To Convinced That He No Longer Cares For Me... I Slightly Turned My Body Towards Chris "I Just Wanna Know If The Baby Is Okay?! What About Me And The Baby?" I Questioned He Looked At Me "It's Not About You Or Me, It's About The Baby Right? That's What YOU Said Remember?" Before I Could Say Anything The Doctor Reentered The Room.

"Alright Terrence, I'm Gonna Need You To Lay On your Back." Then He Turned Around To Face Chris. "Sir You Can Wait Outside, I'll Call You When It Is Over." Chris Nodded & Left the Room. Then He Faced Me "Terrence, Are You In An Abusive Relationship?" I Looked At Him Puzzled. "What Do You Mean Doctor?" I Questioned "Well The Nurse Told Me You Had Blood On Your Dress And You Were Very Distant From For Boyfriend When You Were In The Waiting Room & He Pulled You Close To Him When You Both Walked In... So We Are Concerned For You And Your Unborn Child." "Excuse Me?" I Got Up & Looked At The Doctor "Me & My Boyfriend Are Happy & Content With Each Other He Is NOT 'Abusing' Me."

"All We Wanted to Know Is If The Baby's Okay, You and Your Nurses' Opinion In Unnecessary & Uncalled For, The Blood Came From The Bitch Who Tried To Fight Me Tried To Kick Me In Me Stomach & Slammed Me Right On My Stomach & I Whooped Her Ass And That's HER Blood On My Dress Not Mine And If I Was Being 'Abused' As You Claim Why Would Myself Or My Boyfriend Let Me come To the Hospital With Blood-Stained Clothes? Wouldn't We Want To Keep That A Secret?" He Gave Me A Blank Stare. "So Do Me A Favor & Get Some Common Sense Before You Speak Upon My Relationship With My Boyfriend... Now Is My Baby Okay?" Th Doctor closed His Mouth & Said "Yes, Ma'am Your Baby Is Fine & Healthy & I'm Sorry For The Inconvenience." I Gave The Doctor A Dirty Look & Walked Out Of The Room & Met Up With Chris In The Waiting Room Of The Hospital. "Let's Go." I Said Chris Looked Up "What Happened?" He Looked Concerned "I'll Tell You In The Car." I Said While Walking Out The Door.

"They Had SOME Nerve..." I Said Under My Breath & Chris Stopped Me In My Tracks. "What Happened Back There Ter?" He Looked So Confused. "That Damn Doctor Had The Nerve To Say That They Think I'm Being Abused By You..." "What The Fuck?!?" He Became Pissed Very Quickly "Who The Hell Are They To Claim That Shit?" "Well Forget Them, The baby's Okay, We're Okay & Everything Else Is Okay. You Can Drop Me Off Home & We'll Be Fine." Chris Calmed Down Then A Smile Came Across His Face. "You Mean Our Home." I Looked At Him Confused "What Do you Mean?" He Held Me Close

"Well, I Was Thinking About You & The Baby And How We Need To Make Sure Everything Is Perfect For When He/She Arrives So I Bought Us A House In Scarsdale & We'll Live There... Together." He Smiled But I Stood There Frozen "What? You Don't Like It Ter? "I Do, It's Just That This Is All Happening To Fast Sweetie..." "I Don't Think We Have Much Options Babe..." He Let Me Go & Walked Off, I Ran After Him Chris Look, I Love You & I Know This Situation Hasn't Been Easy On Either One Of Our Parts, We'll Work Something Before The Baby Is Born Chris." He Looked At Me. "I Really Hope So Ter Because I Want This... No, Our Child To Grow Up In A Loving & Stable Environment.""I Understand Sweetie, Let's Sleep On It & We'll Move In Together In The Morning..." "Alright."

He Smiled Like He Always Did & We Kissed Each Other Then We Drove Off. When I Got Home I Noticed My Home Phone Had A New Message On It. I Walked Over To See Who Was It From. It Was From Dr. Steinberg, So I Took Off My Shoes & Took Off My Clothes While Listening To The Message. "Terrence, It's Me Jennifer... I Got Back The Results From Your Blood Test & It Is Confirmed You Are Pregnant." I Rolled My Eyes For a Second Well DUH!!! "But That's Not The Main Reason Why I Called You Terry." I Walked Out Of My Bedroom To Hear What She Said Out Of Confusion. "It's Too Complicated To Tell You Over The Phone, Just Come In My Office Tomorrow & We'll Discuss It. Have & Good Evening Terry I'll See You Tomorrow, Bye." I Sat There Confused About Message Jenny Left My Machine I Went Back To My Room & Fell Asleep Rubbing My Belly With Worry.

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The Lies

Chapter 9: The Lies

I Woke Up The Next Morning Still Worried About The Message Jennifer Left Me The Other Night. What Is It That She Had To Tell Me That Was Complicated? I Went To Work As I Normally Did But When I Entered The Office I Got These Odd Looks, I Shrugged It Off & Went To My Corridor. I Was Filing My Papers Till I Got An Announcement To Come To My Father's Office. I've Never Been Inside Of Father's Office Since I Was 12 He Always Told Me That, His Office Was NOT The Place To Be If You Worked For Him. I Walked Down The Hall & Everyone Still Gave Me Odd Looks, I Took A Deep Breath & Entered His Room. He Glanced At Me "Terrence, Sit Down." I Sat Down Immediately And He Looked Up At Me. "I've Heard You've Been Seeing Someone." I Swallowed Hard "Yes I Have Been Seeing Someone." "Did You Know He Was A Convicted Felon?" "What Are You Talking About?" "Don't You Play Dumb With Me Terrence...You Know Exactly What I Mean?! "I've Heard That You Have Been Romantically Involved With A Certain Young Man For A Couple Of Months... Without My Acknowledgement."

"Yes, I Have Been Seeing Him." "Did You Know He Was A Convicted Felon?" I Paused Hard "Umm, What Do You Mean Dad?" "Terrance Don't Play Dumb With Me Young Lady... You Know Exactly What I'm Talking About!" I Froze In Silence. "He Was Charged & Convicted With Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend 7 Years Ago. Then I Saw This On One Of The Staff Members Computers Today." He Turned His Computer Monitor Facing Me & I Saw A Tabloid Picture Of Me & Chris With My Bloody Gown On Leaving The Hospital." I Looked At My Father As If I Was Calm But On The Inside I Was Terrified As Fuck. "You Know He's A Convicted Felon Right?" "No I Didn't..." He Looked At Me Sternly "Well, Since You Don't Know Let Me Tell You..." "He Was Accused & Convicted Of Hurting His Ex-Girlfriend Seven Years Ago..." I Gulped Hard. "Is That The Type Of Person You Want To Be With Terrence?" "He's A Good Guy, You Would Really Like Him If You Giv-" He Slams His Hands On The Table Startling Me.

"I Love You TOO Much To Let You Be With A Punk Like That... You Must Terminate The Relationship NOW!!!" I Sheepishly Start To Speak "But Dad I-" "Did He Ever Hit You?" "What?!" He Walked Over Towards Me "Has He Ever Hit You?" "What The Hell Dad? NO!!! I Love Him & He Loves Me... Plus I'm Not Leaving Him." "Why Not?" "Because I Can't..." "What Do Mean You Can't?! Of Course You Can... You Can Leave If He Won't I'll Call The Police I'll-" "I'm Pregnant!!!" I Belted Out, He Stopped In Mid-Sentence. "You're What?!" I Took A Deep Breath & Repeated "I'm Pregnant Dad, So I'm Not Leaving Him , He Stopped In Mid-Sentence. "You're What?!" I Took A Deep Breath & Repeated "I'm Pregnant Dad, So I'm Not Leaving Him Even If I Wasn't Pregnant..."

He Sat Back In His Seat Trying To Process What I Just Admitted To Him. "You're Getting An Abortion..." "WHAT?!" I Stood Up In Protest. "This Is My Child & I'll Decide Weather Or Not I Want To Keep It & Decided I Want To Keep It So Enough." I Was Heading Out the Door But He Got Up & Blocked Me. "You're Barely Out Of College & Barely Had A Career, What are You Going To Do With A Child? Especially When You Are Not Married To The Man Who Fathered It? If He Truly Loves You He Would Do The Right Thing & Provide A Stable Environment For The Baby..." "We're Moving In Together Today, So You Don't Have To Worry About That..." I Motioned To Leave But He Still Stood In The Way. "That's Not What I Mean Terrence, I Mean He Should Marry You If He Is The Father Of Your Child... It's Only Right." I Gave Him A Blank Stare.

"I'm Not Trying To Pressure Him Into Marrying Me... It's Bad Enough Women Want To Use Him For His Fame & Money..." "But You're The Mother Of His Unborn CHILD!!! My God Terrence You Need To Use Your Brain Sometimes... Because If You Did I Highly Doubt You Would Be In This Predicament If You Did." I Scoffed "I Have a Doctor's Appointment I Have To Go. I Pushed Him Aside & Stormed Out Of His Office, I Turned Around For One Last Time & He Had A Worried Look On His Face. I Was Angry At The Fact He Wanted Me To Have An Abortion... Are You SHITTING Me?! Why Would I Do That? I Was Pissed Off But I tried To Calm Down For The Baby's Sake. I Drove Over To Dr. Steinberg's Office To See What She Had To Tell Me. I Was Worried, I Didn't Want Anything Bad To Happen To Me & Chris' Baby. I Walked In Her Office, Her Assistant Greeted Me With a Smile. "Hello Terrence, Jennifer Has Been Expecting You, Please Have A Seat." I Sat Down On The Comfy Couch In The Waiting Room.

"Do You Need Anything Terry? Some Water?" "No I'm Fine, Thank You Though." "Alright." I Was Sitting Out There For 10 Minutes, It Felt Like Hours. Then Jennifer Came Out Of Her Office To Greet Me. "Hey Terry, You Can Come In Now." "Oh Alright." I Said With A Monotone. I Was Too Nervous To Be Happy About Anything. "What Is It That You Called Me In For Jenny... Is The Baby Okay?" I Looked At Her Nervously. "Everything With The Baby Is Fine, I Just Wanna Talk To You About The Father Of Your Child..." Before She Finished Her Sentence I Got Up Rapidly "You Know What Jenny I'm Done Listening To This Bullshit... Everybody Has Something To Say About My Love Life Dammit!!! First Karina, Strangers, My Dad & Now You?! I'm Tired Of It... When Will You Just Leave Us-" "He's Cheating On You Ter..." She Said In A Subtle But Firm Tone. "What?! Where'd You Read That One Off Of TMZ Or Some Shit Jenny..." "No, He Got Another Woman Pregnant... I'm Legally Not Supposed To Say Anything But A Woman Came Into My Office & We Found Out She Was Pregnant. Then She Showed Me A Photo Of Her & Chris Together Kissing & It Was A Week Ago. I Felt I Had To Tell You... She Didn't Know I Was Your Doctor Too, I'm Sorry Terrence."

She Frowned I Just Sat Down Slowly. "D-Do You Know Her Name?" Jennifer Lowered Her Head. I Looked At Her Angrily "Jenny, What Is Her Name." I Said With My Voice Slightly Breaking. She Took A Deep Breath & Sighed. "Her Name Is Catalina Ramirez..." I Face Grew Cold As I Got Up From My Seat. Jenny Got Worried & Approached Me Before I Left Her Office. "Terrence, You Don't Need Chris In Your Life To Take Care Of This Baby... You Have A Good Head On Your Shoulders & A Solid Career To Fall Back On, I'm Sure You'll Be Okay." "But You Don't Understand Jenny... I'm Not Gonna Let This Go." I Walked Out Of Her Office Steaming Mad & Then I Remembered I Was Moving In With Chris Today I Will Have To See Him Anyways & Just Grew Angrier & Angrier At The Thought Of Him Fucking Catalina Behind My Back After Everything We've Been Through. I Pulled Up To The House Chris Gave Directions To Earlier. It Was A Beautiful, White House With Emerald Paneling & Really Long Drive Way, 4-Car Garage, 2-Story House. I Was Amazed But I Was Not Gonna Let That Keep Me From Confronting Chris.

"Do You Like It Babe?" He Came Outside Smiling Like Everything Is Peachy, So I Faked A Smile Right Back At Him. "Yea, I Love It... Is Anybody Else Gonna Move In With Us Or Something?" He Looked Puzzled "Naw, What Do You Mean?" "Oh... How About Catalina & The Fact She's Pregnant With Your Baby?!" "Oh Terrence, Don't Sta-" I Cut Him Off Immediately "No, Chris I'm Tired Of Letting You Have Your DAMN Way!!! Now I'm Gonna Speak & You're Gonna Listen..." He Rolled His Eyes At Me. "I've Been A Good Woman To You Chris... I've Never Asked You To Spend Money On Me, I've Never Put Our Business Out There & I Never Forced Or Seduced You Into Having Sex With Me. I'm Tired Of Trying To Get Explanation Out Of You Either You Fuck Me Or Change The Whole Subject, Now You Can't Do Either One. Why Were You With Catalina Behind My Back?" "Are You Done?" Chris Said Sarcastically Said That Just Pissed Me Off Even More."CHRIS, I'm Not Fucking Playing With You!!! You got Another Woman Pregnant & You're Not Taking This Shit Seriously..."

"Why Should I? Catalina Fucks Everybody So It Could Be Any Nigga's Baby." "Where Did You Find Out Shit Anyways?" "Don't Worry About All That Breezy. Just Know That I Don't Tolerate That Bullshit." "Well Damn Terrence, We Weren't Official During This Whole Thing It Was Just Sex...That's It." "No, You Told Me You Loved Me..." "No, I Loved Having Sex With You & I Didn't Even Want The Damn Baby I Just Wanted To Make You Happy & Do The Right Thing. It's Not About What Either Of Us Want Cause It's Obvious I Didn't Want This Shit!!!" He Started To Walk Away From Me I Ran up Grabbed His Shoulder & Forced Him To Turn Around & He Grew Angry.

"You Are NOT Gonna Walk Away From Me & This Situation Chris You Gonna Talk To Me..." "I Don't Wanna Fucking Talk To Your Ass, Yea I Fucked Catalina Behind Your Back & Yea I Might've Gotten Her Pregnant But I'm Doing This All For You & I'm Tired Of You Putting Me Through Hell Over It." "Putting You Through Hell?! You Have The NERVE To Say I'M Putting You Through Hell?" He Crossed His Arms. "How About Me Fighting Off People Telling Me Why I Should NOT Be With You? How About Me Having To Fight Catalina's Ass In A Restaurant... Dammit Chris I Fought Her Ass In A Damn Restaurant!!! And The Fact That I'm Gonna Be Labeled A 'Baby Mama' & A Whore For The Rest Of My Life... Yea, I'm Sorry That It's Been Hell For You Christopher." "Listen, I'm Sorry I've Been A Jerk To You & Us Arguing Is Not Gonna Solve & Plus It's Not Healthy For The Baby, We Attract Unwanted Attention Out Here..."

"I Don't Give A Fuck!!! We Need To Talk About This Shit!!!" "TALK ABOUT WHAT?!? I TOLD YOU WASSUP & WHAT'S REAL, WHAT THE FUCK ELSE YOU WANT FROM ME?!?" He Screamed At Me, I Started To Tear Up & He Just Realized That He Screamed At Me. "Terry I'm Sorry." I Started To Cry, He Motioned Towards Me & I Cringed A Little He Held On To Me Tight." "Terry, We Screwed Up & All We Can Do It Set It Right For Us In The Future..." He Kissed Me On My Forehead & Rubbed My Back. All I Could Do Was Cry, He Never Yelled At Me Before, Yea He Raised His Voice To Me But He Yelled At Me. My Thoughts Were All Scrambled I Couldn't Think Straight At All. I Just Want This All To Be Over Or Just Be A Bad Dream, But It's Far From That...

Tracey LaCroix © 2010, Copyright Freak Nasty In the City